Sollich North America at Pack Expo 2012 Chicago

Jul 25, 2012
Sollich North America presents innovative comprehensive solutions for chocolate and confectionary production by the industry leaders Sollich KG, Chocotech, and Dumoulin at their booth S-1582 during Pack Expo 2012 at the McCormick Place in Chicago, Illinois. Sollich North America’s product range covers equipment for most chocolate, confectionery, gum, snack and bakery applications including enrobing, tempering, cooling, bar forming, chocolate and sugar panning, and center forming. Equipment is also supplied to other key industries such as pharmaceutical and pet food.

Sollich KG of Germany is a world's leading supplier of enrobers, tempering systems, cooling tunnels and bar forming equipment along with a complete range of associated equipment. Sollich will be showing their evolving Enromat M5 Dairy enrober, all-in-one Turbotemper TT 1000 B tempering machine as well as Minitemper MT 300 P small-scale tempering unit.

Sollich’s Dairy execution has greatly expanded on the ever evolving bar forming, cooling and enrobing equipment and now incorporates hygienic features not offered in any other system in the marketplace. Sollich Enromat M5 enrober in Dairy execution features several hygienic options such as a single piece wire belt drive shaft, removable bottoming station and shaker grid, removable blower funnel with MERV 14 filter, dairy threaded fittings on all mass pipe connections, special design bearing housing, 3A or EHEDG design valves as well as a positive displace pump for full CIP. This extensive research and development was partially driven by a group of Sollich’s larger clients who partnered with Sollich on the development with no marketing restrictions as sanitary/hygienic production was seen as a benefit, i.e. avoiding product recalls to the industry as a whole.  The M5 Dairy coater also incorporates the recently introduced state-of-the-art technology that is reflected in all aspects of its individual components. One example is the patented wire tensioned detailer system, which has eliminated the clips normally required to hold the detailer rod in place.

The "B" version of the Turbotemper® is becoming increasingly popular. It is compact in structure and equipped with a chocolate vibrating sieve, chocolate storage tank with level control, adjustable chocolate feed pump, a de-crystallization stage and a 3-stage Turbotemper®, all making for a simple installation.

Sollich’s sister company Chocotech will exhibit the Jellymaster, from Chocotech Candy Division, a continuous cooking system for all types of jellies and marshmallows based on gelatine, agar-agar, gum arabic, pectin, carrageenan, modified and high amylose starch. The principal unit is the Sucrotwist® pressure dissolver with its special construction. As there is no dead space generated anywhere, there are no restrictions at all in terms of the jellying agents to be used. The cooker features first-in first-out product flow with determined guidance of the turbulently streaming product, PLC control with synchronized components in a completely hygienic design that can be connected easily to a CIP-system.

Modern kitchen technology should not only guarantee good product, but also allow minimum continuous run times of 24/6, before CIP is required. Hygienic design and maintenance friendly features (SIS) are also key factors in minimizing downtime. Fully automatic CIP loops, utilizing dairy type non mix valves, can allow part of the plant to undergo CIP while the other part continues in production mode, or alternatively, CIP of the complete kitchen in one step. Advanced process control allows startup procedures and unscheduled stops due to down steam problems to be controlled safely and efficiently, allowing full product reclaim to be achieved in an inline process. This avoids the requirement to store large amounts of rework that have to be processed separately. Another important factor of advanced process control is compensating for varying atmospheric pressures that in turn guarantees a more consistent product. 

Dumoulin of France will be showing the LogiCX 252 Automatic Coating Pan at the Pack Expo 2012. The LogiX machine is an automatic mini coating pan for batch capacities up to 550 lbs. The LogiX has a perforated pan and is side vented for efficient drying during sugar and sugar-free coating cycles. The LogiC machine is very similar but has a solid drum and is used for chocolate engrossing and polishing as well as soft sugar panning. Dumoulin now also offers a special drum re-configuration system, which allows the LogiX perforated drum to be converted into a solid drum by the addition of special plates that cover the perforations. This multipurpose machine is known as the LogiCX and it can be used for chocolate and soft panning as well as hard sugar or sugar-free panning, thus ensuring high flexibility in production.

Dumoulin manufactures a complete range of automatic high capacity panning systems in batch sizes up to 6,600 lbs.  One of the important advantages of Dumoulin systems is that their design results in the smallest bed depth of any similar machine. This means all Dumoulin pans are gentle on delicate centers.  Shallow bed depth also increases the amount of surface area in contact with freshly conditioned air, reducing processing time that allows the coating to be distributed very quickly and evenly over all centers.  

The booth will be staffed by Bob Limburg, John Holland and Danila Daniloff of Sollich North America, Peter Koch from Sollich, Martin McDermott from Chocotech, François Adele from Dumoulin, and Tony Puchtinger and Alex Heidemann from Sollich’s service department.