Chocotech - Interpack 2014 Booth Review

Jul 02, 2014
What an exciting year for Chocotech! Following the completion of the 34,000 ft² factory extension at the facility in Wernigerode, which now has over 100,000 ft² of production and assembly area and the very successful Interpack we are all looking forward to our summer holidays. This year’s Interpack was the best show we have ever had and confirms we are on the right track, but we got to keep moving as innovation never sleeps. The quantity and indeed the quality of the visitors was fantastic. From multinational to small and mid-sized companies there was a lot of movement and a lot of potential for new projects. It was also one of the few times where we actually closed on orders on the both with companies who had no enquires pending prior to the show.

On the hard candy side we displayed a complete line with Euromec with whom we are co-operating on hard candy forming and cooling. This partnership is working out very well for both companies. We now also have a complete hard candy cooking and forming line in our 6,500ft² candy lab in Wernigerode Germany which also includes a Euromec batch roller, rope former and both chain and rotary die forming followed by a cooling tunnel for the formed piece. This allows to do hard candy trials at up to 1,000 kg per hour of sugar, sugar free, milk, plain, liquid filled, powder filled, laminated, striped etc. in our lab. All this in combination with our patented energy saving gravimetric dissolver type ECOGRAV, which was introduced at the 2010 Interpack and is now working successfully in many applications around the world.

Chocotech Booth @ Interpack 2014

In general the Interpack customers were shown many new innovations on process controls, hygienic design, treatment of product rework and indeed new or modified equipment. One of these highlights was the introduction of the SUCROFILM 2000, which rounds off the family of Chocotech thin film cookers. The latest addition has 6m² of heat exchange surface and has a capacity of over 3,000 kg/hr. depending on the recipe. The precisely balanced rotor with swept surface integrated metal detectable PEEK scrapers and direct drive with various frequency control offers great flexibility for sensitive products which contain proteins for both production and CIP steps or in combination with the process orientated vacuum system for fruit snacks. Chewy candy was also a highlight and Chocotech displayed their equipment

A crowd puller at the show was the Chocotech Frozenshell line which is a creation designed for making chocolate cups or shells without using moulds, i.e. directly depositing on the belt. The line ran throughout the length of show, every day, all day and produced a total of 1.2 million chocolate shells, which were re-melted in line, de-seeded and returned through the tempering machine back to the Frozenshell. Also part of the line was the PSL lentil forming system with pre-cooling and easily exchangeable product format rolls with slid-in slid-out function.