Sollich, Chocotech and Dumoulin at ProSweets 2015

Jan 16, 2015
We hope you can join Sollich, Chocotech and Dumoulin at the forthcoming ProSweets 2015, which will take place from February 1 - 4, 2015 in Cologne, Germany. Sollich and Chocotech will be present at a corporate stand in Hall 10.1, stand B020/C029. Dumoulin will exhibit in stand A010/B011, hall 10.1.

Sollich KG, leading manufacturer of special machinery for the confectionery industry, will present numerous innovations at the ProSweets in Cologne.

The worldwide successfully operating Turbotemper Top tempering system covers the whole spectrum of chocolate tempering machines for capacities starting at 100 kg/h and upwards.

On display at the Sollich booth will be the Turbotemper Top type TT 1100 with a tempering capacity of 1100 kg/h. The patented tempering process provides optimum tempering of different types of chocolate, resulting in a constant enrobing quality, a high shelf-life and an attractive gloss of enrobed or moulded products. The integrated touch panel with intuitive surface and recipe management guarantees easy handling and reproduction of the machine settings.

From the Conbar bar forming program a drum former type WEB, suitable for accurate slab forming of various fat and sugar masses with or without ingredients, will be presented. By combining different cooling and forming drums in the Conbar system, one or multi-layer products, like cereal or candy bars, can be produced. The perfectly matched controls of the different line components ensure constant quality and reproducibility of the products.

Besides the well-known Enromat enrobing machines with working widths of up to 2600 mm also the Temperstatic series with belt width of between 820 and 1300 mm including integrated tempering belongs to the Sollich manufacturing range of enrobing machines. The Temperstatic T5 on display, with a belt width of 1050 mm, allows numerous possibilities to adjust a precise adjustment of the product coating. Additionally, the machine distinguishes itself by good accessibility and simple operation.

Furthermore, Sollich will show the new compact mini enrobing machine type Minicoater MC 420. The machine will be run with chocolate mass during the exhibition period. It is available in 320 and 420 mm working width. The Minicoater™ MC can be flexibly used due to built-in tempering system and mobile execution. Besides, additional accessories allow enrobing of biscuits, wafers or pralines.

Finally, the well-known fully automatic Tempermeter Typ E5 for the manual control of the temper index of chocolate masses will be presented. The integrated touch-screen panel simplifies the operation and provides additional options for data analysis and transfer.

Dumoulin is the world leader in construction and process design of large chocolate, sugar, and sugar free coating machines. On Dumoulin’s booth the main feature will be their 250kg coating machine, suitable both for chocolate coating and varnishing in the same batch.

Innovation always has been a trademark at Dumoulin, a force that has led this small bakery machinery business founded in the 1930s to become a market leader in automatic coating technology. Dumoulin has again proved it with the most flexible coating machine one can imagine, a unique and revolutionary piece of equipment that confectioners have always dreamt of. This innovation meets the demands of small and mid-sized confectioners looking to shift from manual to automatic coating, but doing so within reasonable space and cost constraints. It also addresses the needs of larger manufacturers’ research and development departments.

Sollich KG of Germany is the world's leading supplier of enrobers, tempering systems, cooling tunnels and bar forming equipment along with a complete range of associated equipment. CHOCOTECH GmbH, based in Wernigerode, Germany offers solutions for caramel, fondant, foam, jelly, hard candy, fruit snacks, binders, bird’s milk, brittle and Halva production. Dumoulin of France leads the market of automated confectionery coating equipment. Sollich, Chocotech and Dumoulin are represented in North America by Sollich NA.