Sollich, Chocotech and Dumoulin at Prosweets 2016

Nov 17, 2015
Please join Sollich, Chocotech and Dumoulin at ProSweets 2016 from January 31 to February 3, 2016 in Cologne, Germany.  Sollich and Chocotech will have a combined booth in Hall 10.1, booth # B020/C029 and Dumoulin will be in Hall 10.1, booth # A010/B011.

SOLLICH KG will display the Turbotemper Top TT 1500, Turbotemper TT 100 Airo, Enromat® M5-1050 Magnum enrober, Minicoater MC 420 enrober, Thermo-Flow Cooling Tunnel with PU-Gullwing hoods, chocolate Cluster Former™ CF 420 and a Tempermeter E5.

The Turbotemper Top uses a patented tempering process to produce perfectly tempered chocolate resulting in consistent quality, long shelf-life and an attractive gloss.  The integrated touch panel provides intuitive controls and the recipe management guarantees easy handling and repeatable machine settings.  The Turbotemper Top TT 1500 has a tempering capacity of 1500 kg per hour and includes a built-in Tempergraph for online “degree of temper” measurement.  The Turbotemper TT 100 Airo adds integrated aeration providing one-process tempering and aeration of chocolate and fillings.

Enromat® M5 - CIPThe Enromat® M5-1050 Magnum enrober has a standard belt width of 1050 mm and is considered top of the line within the Enromat series which boasts available working widths up to 2600 mm.  The Enromat provides numerous adjustments for precise product coating while allowing for efficient accessibility and simple operation.  The Minicoater MC 420 enrober with a belt width of 420 mm will be running with real chocolate during the exhibition.  The Minicoater™ MC has a built-in tempering system and is available in 320 and 420 mm working widths.

The Thermo-Flow Cooling Tunnel with PU-Gullwing hoods and drive station is the new standard for high efficiency and hygienic design in the industry.

The Cluster Former™ CF 420 is a forming machine for the production of chocolate clusters.  A variety of product combinations in round, oval and rectangular shapes can be produced.

The Tempermeter E5 is used to measure the temper index of chocolate.  The integrated touch-screen panel simplifies the operation and provides additional options for data analysis and transfer.

CHOCOTECH will display the Ecograv®, Carastar®, Jellymaster® and Chocoform® PSL along with information on their full range of candy and chocolate processing machines.  Chocotech offers complete cooking systems for jelly, fondant, caramel, fudge, hard candy, chewy candy, fruit snacks, croquant, barline kitchens and aeration systems.  For chocolate they offer the Frozenshell® line with Pralimat® depositing and the PSL lentil and ball forming system.

The Ecograv® is a flexible gravimetric weighing unit with a buffer tank and an integrated continuous dissolver.  One of the top energy saving processes of the Ecograv® is the ability to dissolve crystal sugar using the moisture within corn syrup only- no water added.  The Ecograv® is ideal for hard candies, chewy candies, fondants and cooked sugar solutions for bars.  Prior to cooking, the Ecograv® can achieve a dry solids level of up to 90% instead of 75-80%.  This substantially reduces the energy required for cooking and provides a 30% to 50% energy savings.  Another advantage of the ECOGRAV® is the flexibility of the gravimetrical weighing system allowing for easy modifications to recipe and ingredients.

The Carastar® is a hygienically designed universal batch cooker that can produce a wide range of masses such as caramel, bar binders and jelly.  The system is available in many sizes and can be offered with a number of options including load cells, vacuum, jacket cooling, high shear mixing and automatic cooking independent of atmospheric pressure.

Pharmaceutical applications will be presented and discussed using Chocotech’s wide range of kitchen equipment; producing products such as hard candy and gummies which incorporate active ingredients, vitamins, calcium, etc..  The Chocotech Pharma range of equipment has been supplied for applications from lab to production size kitchens with full IQ, OQ, PQ support.

The Jellymaster® is the ideal system for the efficient production of Jelly products using a wide range of jellifying agents such as gelatin, starch, pectin, gum arabic, agar and carrageenan.  The Jellymix™ is a gravimetric weighing and feeding system that can handle up to eight different colors and flavors.  The system can also be used for aerated masses.  Volumetric metering will also be on display.

The Chocoform® PSL forming line is used to manufacture chocolate centers such as lentils, balls and eggs and will be on display in a new design.  This new design allows for easy exchange of the “wheel in/wheel out” drop rolls guaranteeing rapid product changeover within 30 minutes.  Also included is the new pre-cooling system which provides an additional 50% product capacity.

DUMOULIN is the world leader in construction and process design of large chocolate, sugar, and sugar free automatic panning machines.  Dumoulin’s highlight exhibit will be the LogiC - a 250 kg batch coating machine suitable for both chocolate coating and varnishing in the same batch.
Innovation has always been a trademark at Dumoulin.  The LogiC meets the demands of small and mid-sized confectioners looking to shift from manual to automatic coating and doing so within reasonable space and cost constraints.  Alternatively the LogiC can address the needs of large manufacturers’ fast paced and time sensitive R&D environments.  Dumoulin’s full range of automatic panning systems produce batch sizes up to 3000 kg and will be on display through video presentation.

Sollich, Chocotech and Dumoulin are represented exclusively by Sollich North America in the USA and Canada.