Sollich at IBA 2018 in Munich

May 16, 2018
The significance of the iba - International Bakery Exhibition - has continuously grown for Sollich and Chocotech within the past years.

Sollich and Chocotech will be attending the forthcoming iba, which will take place from September 15 - 20, 2018 in Munich, Germany. Sollich and Chocotech will be present on a corporate stand in Hall A6, Stand A6.331 and present interesting new developments.

The following exhibits will be shown:

  1. Sollich Enrobing Machine - Enromat M6 MagnumA high performance enrobing machine type Enromat M6-1300 Magnum with 1300 mm belt width. The enrober is equipped with one curtain station and one blower unit and diverse accessories. The Enromat M6 Magnum incorporates high technology when enrobing difficult products with chocolate. A built-in turn shaft with following turnover table allows high performance production of bottom coated products. Following the Enromat M6 Magnum is a chocolate cooling tunnel of the Thermo-Flow plus KSK 1300 with telescopic infeed table. The cooling tunnel is equipped with bottom water cooling and with new gullwing PU-covers for better accessibility of the cooling chamber. The complete installation is equipped with the remote control system “Fast Lane”.

  2. An automatic decorating device type Decormatic DC4 with 820 mm installed on a decorating belt and Minitemper MT 100 for feeding the decorating machine. The machine will be on display with chocolate during the exhibition. The diverse decoration patterns are programmable, i.e. product change can be done very easily. 

  3. A Turbotemper TE 1800 for feeding the enrobing machine type Enromat M6 Magnum. The Turbotemper including an automatic Tempermeter type Tempergraph. 

  4. A Turbotemper TT 100 B Airo for small capacities. The TT 100 B Airo is equipped with a heating reservoir tank and a feed pump, especially designed for tempering smaller chocolate capacities in a superior tempering quality. The integrated aeration system allows aeration of the mass. 

  5. A chocolate coating machine type Minicoater™ MC 420 with 420 mm belt width will be on display with chocolate, followed by a Thermo-Flow plus cooling tunnel type LSK 420. This machine is running very successfully at small and medium-sized companies setting new standards in the sector of mini enrobing technology. 

  6. A special caramel enrobing machine type Caramat CA 820 with 820 mm belt width for enrobing wafers or biscuits with caramel or – after slight machine adjustment – also with sugar icings. 

  7. A piston depositor type KGS 1050 for depositing fat masses, jelly or caramel.

  8. Sollich depositing and sandwiching machine Sollcocap

  9. A highlight at the iba will be the Sollcofill/Sollcocap depositing line for refining biscuits, e.g. fillings like caramel, fondant, nut paste, jelly, milk or yoghurt cream or chocolate can be deposited together with ingredients. The performance of the system has been highly increased and guarantees a high quality production of sandwiching products. Products which do not meet the quality demands, e.g. a biscuit does not match the shape, will be sorted out automatically by the machine. 

  10. The combination of the Sollich machinery together with the cooking equipment of company Chocotech for the production of sugar, jelly or caramel masses provides customers to get production responsibility from one supplier and thus also ensures an efficient and a quickest possible commissioning of the production lines.