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Micron® is a continuous system for the manufacture of fondant masses. The unit is designed as a two step system. The fist step is to super-saturate the cooked mass in a tempering screw followed by a partical size controlled beating screw which allows for different micron sizes depending on the set parameters of unit. A fine very fondant is achievable which can be used with different colors and flavors for fillings.  The units are designed for capacities ranging from from 300 - 1500 kg/h, depending on recipe. 

The outstanding feature of the fondant quality is its particle size distribution. The Micron® is capable of providing a fondant of which 99 % of the crystals are smaller than 20 µ. This is the reason for the fondant quality being second to none in terms of fineness, homogeneity and creaminess. The machine can also be equipped with a tempering unit when it comes to re-heating the beaten fondant to the depositing temperature required.

Of course we supply the respective mixing and cooling systems, too, in case the fondant is to be processed to center fillings for chocolate hollows or is to be run on one-shot machines.

An additional mixing and tempering screw can mix in flavor and color, it can also heat the beaten fondant up to depositing temperature.