The Sollich North America team has more than 80 years combined industry experience.

Sollich North America represents key European suppliers of food machinery in the United States and Canada. Our team has more than 80 years combined industry experience. Our primary product range covers equipment for almost all chocolate, confectionery, gum, snack, and bakery applications including enrobing, tempering, cooling, bar forming, chocolate and sugar panning, forming and high-speed packaging. We also offer equipment and systems to other key industries such as pharmaceutical and pet food.

Sollich North America’s mission is to provide the best sales, service and planning experience for customers and potential customers in the industries we serve.

With its headquarters in Florida the company has satellite offices throughout the US to service all of our clients in the US and Canada. The two Managing Partners of Sollich North America are John Holland and Robert Limburg. John and Bob have both been involved in supplying this kind of specialized equipment their entire working careers. Other members of the company include Danila Daniloff and Sean Burns as Sales Engineers, Amanda Youngers, Patricia Schumacher, Sarah Lawrence and Lejla Hadzic as Spare Parts Managers.

The world leading equipment manufacturers represented by Sollich North America include Sollich KG, Chocotech GmbH, Theegarten-Pactec of Germany, and Dumoulin of France.

Whether you are an established manufacturer, a growing company or a start-up, we look forward to talking to you about your next project.


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