About Chocotech

Chocotech GmbH of Germany offers the most up-to-date innovative solutions for caramel, fondant, aerated products, jelly, hard candy, fruit snacks, binders, bird’s milk, brittle and Halwa production. Chocotech is part of the Sollich Group and has both a Candy Division and a Chocolate Division.

Chocotech’s history goes back to 1920 when Otto Lauenstein founded the company in Wernigerode. In 1930 Chocotech invented world’s first tempering machine and by 1939 had manufactured and delivered 750 machines. The company had 95 employees. In the 60s a new assembly factory was built on site of the original company in Wernigerode and by 1979 the company had grown to employ 200 specialists. In 1991 Chocotech was integrated in the Sollich Group.

As with all Chocotech equipment the highest values are placed in sanitary design, consistent temperature control, simple operation, and easy cleaning.

From the initial contact right up to the site acceptance test of a production line Chocotech’s team accompanies you as a partner. This guarantees an even smoother and punctual start-up. Fine-tuning of original recipes to run on modern continuous production lines, especially kitchens, can be very expensive if left until the start-up of such a line. Chocotech’s lab in Wernigerode employs expert process engineers with vast experience in the field. Their knowledge implemented in the state-of-the-art lab facility guarantees you manufacture top-quality product.

Dornbergsweg 32
D-38855 Wernigerode
Tel.: +49 39 43 55 06 – 0


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