Pack Expo 2022 International

Chicago McCormick Place

Pack Expo 2022 Chicago / October 23-26 / McCormick Place

We welcome you to join us at this year’s Pack Expo – Booth # 2585.  Our team is ready to showcase some of the latest machinery, enhancements, and options available from industry leaders Sollich, Chocotech and Dumoulin.

As representative to this select group of manufacturers, Sollich North America offers a wide range of equipment used in the chocolate, confectionary, gum, snack, bakery, pharmaceutical, and pet food industries.  Our solutions are comprised of both single and multi-functional machines that can mix, cook, temper, pump, enrobe, cool, form, cut, decorate, and pan.  This is a short overview only, so please come see us and we will be pleased to explain how we can help you in more detail.

We have the history and expertise in working with customers of all sizes; from large high-output manufacturing facilities to small one-of-a-kind boutiques across the USA and Canada.

Stop by our booth and let’s see what we can accomplish together. Booth # 2585.

Sollich KG of Germany is a leading global supplier of enrobers, tempering systems, cooling tunnels, and bar forming equipment with a complete line of optional supplementary equipment.

Sollich will display their Enromat® M6-1050 CIP enrober, Decorating Unit Type Decormatic® DC 5-1050, Minitemper® Type MT 150 and a section of Thermo-Flow® Plus Cooling Tunnel Type KK 1050 Hybrid with PU Gullwing Covers. The Enromat® M6-1050 CIP enrober boasts innovative design and incorporates the latest components available in building this state-of-the-art machine.  One example is the patented wire tensioned detailer system, which has eliminated the clips normally required to hold the detailer rod in place.  The detailer assembly, curtain trough, bottoming station and other components can be removed for maintenance and cleaning.  The newly designed coating weight control stations, such as the blowers and shaking unit, gives excellent weight control and a hygienic design.  The CIP (clean-in-place) system is the most efficient way for cleaning an enrober.  The system allows for frequent and quick changeovers.     

The Decorating unit Type Decormatic® DC 5-1050 will be installed inside of the enrober.  Sollich decorators can be used with chocolate or compound to make automatic decorating patterns on candies, bars, cookies, biscuits, cakes and more.   This machine can make straight lines, zigzags, loops and other circular patterns.  All nozzles are automatically pierced with a needle to keep the decorator’s nozzles from clogging and to prevent the crystallization of chocolate.  The nozzle tube can be easily removed for cleaning purposed or for change overs.  This version will be shown in an enrober but Sollich supplies decorators that can be mounted over tables and conveying systems.

Sollich’s Tempering Machine Type Minitemper® MT 150 is an automatic continuous tempering unit for tempering up to 120 kg of chocolate per hour.  The tempering unit will be displayed for delivering tempered chocolate to the decorator, but this machine can also be used for feeding small enrobers and depositors as well.   Minitempers have built-in heated tank with mixing before the mass is sent to the use point and can return chocolate back to the tank via a 3-way ball valve.  The tempering is automatic, and recipes can be saved in the HMI.  Options include having the system mobile and automatic filling from a separate external tank.      

The Thermo-Flow® Plus Cooling Tunnel Type KK 1050 Hybrid with PU Gullwing cooling tunnel has PU-Covers in Gullwing design and is constructed for full wash down capabilities from the product zone down.  The tunnel’s frame and base are made of stainless steel and other non-rusting materials.  Covers are made from PU which is a lightweight, durable composite material.  Sollich’s Gullwing design with PU covers makes opening and closing the covers very simple.  This tunnel has excellent efficiency and is sealed on all sides without heat bridges.  The design gives operators easy access into the tunnel from all sides which gives the ability to inspect all areas.  Thermo-Flow cooling tunnels also features fewer critical control points by reducing the number of components in direct and indirect contact with the product.

Chocotech GmbH, the sister company of Sollich KG, offers state of the art solutions for confectionery kitchens producing caramel, fondant, aerated products, jelly, hard candy, fruit snacks, binders, brittle, and Halwa.  Chocotech’s chocolate division has lentil forming lines, mouldless chocolate shells and deposited centers for pralines.  

In response to today’s worldwide demand for energy saving solutions, Chocotech has brought to market a patented technology.  This innovative solution, the ECOGRAV® (first introduced at Interpack 2011) has shown up to 50% in energy savings for confectionery manufacturers producing hard candy, chewy candy, aerated candy, and fondants.  Chocotech will exhibit the Princess ECOGRAV® designed for pilot plant use.  It consists of a gravimetric weighing unit for sugar and corn syrup with an integrated dissolver.  The dissolver takes into account the water content of the corn syrup enabling a stable and clear solution.  Up to 90% of dry solids can be metered to the cooker without adding water to the premix.  This results in an impressive increase in dry solids before cooking when compared to conventional industry practices (metering 75% dry solids to the cooker).  With the ECOGRAV®’s higher solid content, less steam is used, fewer vapors are formed causing less condensate and directly improving energy consumption.

Dumoulin of France manufactures a complete range of automatic high-capacity panning systems in batch sizes up to 6,600 lbs. One important advantage of a Dumoulin machine is their innovative design resulting in the smallest bed depth of any similar unit. This in turn means that all Dumoulin drums are gentle on delicate centers. Shallow bed depth also increases the amount of surface area in contact with freshly conditioned air. This reduces the processing time, allowing the coating to be distributed very quickly and evenly over all centers.  Retractable spray arms make inspection easier. Solid drums are used for chocolate engrossing while perforated drums are used for hard sugar and hard sugar-free panning.

Dumoulin will be featuring the LogiC 252 Automatic Coating System which is used for both chocolate engrossing and varnishing in the same pan.  Soft sugar panning can also be done in this pan.  The automatic mini coating pan can produce finished batches of up to 550 pounds.  The LogiC has a large touch screen where all recipes are saved.  When a batch is finished, the products are quickly discharged underneath the pan into mobile bins.   

Theegarten-Pactec is a leading manufacturer in the field of packaging technology with operations all over the world and international clientele that covers all continents.  In addition to high-speed continuous and intermittent packaging machines, Theegarten-Pactec’s portfolio also includes a variety of feeding and storage components.  This enables them to offer complete systems for primary and secondary packaging all from one source.  They provide packaging technology solutions for hard candy, pre-formed products, soft and hard caramels, chewing gum, chocolate products and more.

Theegarten-Pactec will not be displaying equipment but they will be represented and brochures will be available.

Booth # 2585 will be staffed by Bob Limburg, John Holland, Danila Daniloff, Sean Burns and Amanda Youngers of Sollich North America, Peter Koch, Klaus-Dietrich Franzmeier, Daniel Wajandt of Sollich KG, Martin McDermott, Andreas Janko and Marie Heymann of Chocotech GmbH, François Adele of Dumoulin and Daniel Schibur of Theegarten-Pactec.