Chocotech GmbH at Interpack 2020

  • Feb 12, 2020
  • Posted By Danila

CHOCOTECH GmbH, part of the SOLLICH Group of companies will exhibit in Hall 3 stand F04.

Chocotech GmbH continues to be a Market Leader in the design and manufacture of innovative candy kitchens. The company has a long tradition in process technology and this year celebrates its centenarian. Chocotech was founded on the 10thof January 1920 in Wernigerode under the name “Lauenstein” and has been part of the Sollich KG group of companies since 1992. At Interpack 2020 Chocotech will display a range of equipment based on energy efficient innovative process technology solutions, without forgetting the CIP capabilities. This includes systems for soft and hard candy, chewy candy, jelly, caramel, fondant, aerated candy and chocolate formed shells and lentils.

On display at Interpack Chocotech will be exhibiting:

  • Our History 1920 – 2020: A walk down memory lane
  • NEW: Sucrobatch, a modular type batch cooker with interchangeable agitators and other “modular options” for lower budgets. The systems is designed to handle various confectionery masses. Chocotech has also designed a configurator for the cooker, which can navigate clients through the options, so a cooker in the correct execution can be chosen. Both cooker and configurator will be on display.
  • NEW: Jellymaster Princess in OTC execution. Continuous pressure dissolver and vacuum system for gummies with a capacity of up to 300 kg/hr.
  • NEW: Energy Recording System (ERS)
  • NEW: Process Monitoring System (PMS)
  • NEW: Remote Maintenance System (RMS)
  • NEW: One Button Operation

Other Equipment on Display

  • Weighing & Dissolving will be displayed in the form of the Autograv batch weighing system and the energy saving Ecograv Pressure Dissolver.
  • Caramel, two systems will be shown on the booth, the Carastar which is of batch design combining cooking and caramelizing in one process. In addition, the Sucrofilm & Caraflex combination designed for higher outputs and longer continuous production runs. This process also utilizes an inline reclaim loop for start-up, shutdown and intermediate stop due to possible down-steam related difficulties. The Sucrotherm, continuous product cooler can also be integrated into the line.
  • Barline: In combination with our sister company, Sollich KG, we can offer the most innovative systems for bar production. These include but are not limited to granola, fruit, nougat, caramel, protein and combinations of the same with and without inclusions. From a cooking perspective two systems can offered:
    • Batch Process using the Autograv, Carastar, Turbowhip
    • Continuous Process using the Autograv, Sucrotwist, Sucrofilm, Tornado
  • Chewy Candy: Chewmaster, a unique crystallization system for aerated or non- aerated chewy candies with or without dairy additions
  • Jelly: Jellymaster, a pressure dissolver and vacuum system combination with excellent heat exchange properties for use with all types of gelling agents offering the advantages of precise temperature control across and along the tube-in-shell centre core. The dissolver contains no dead areas ensuring no product build up and thus related possible burn on issues.
  • DSI (direct steam injection) cooker will be mounted on the Jellymaster skid as an option for starch jellies /gummies
  • Jellymix (both gravimetric and volumetric), for precise metering of CFA
  • Tornado: continuous aerator for jellies
  • Hard Candy: Sucromaster, a combined flash off and vacuum system with integrated vacuum extraction screw, CFA metering and hard candy dynamic mixer all mounted above a stainless steel tempering belt.
  • Hard Candy Forming: Nuova Euromec, a valued partner of Chocotech and specialist in candy forming will display a flexible forming Line for lollipop and candies on the Chocotech booth at Interpack.
  • Fondant: Micron, continuous two-stage system for crystallization
  • Aeration: Tornado, continuous candy aerating system
  • CIP: CIP station
  • Candy Forming: Sucroform W
  • Mass Cooling: Sucrotherm
  • Candy Lab: Princess Candy, Sucromaster, Jellymaster, Sucrofilm, Turbowhip
  • Chocolate Forming: Frozenshell, PSL Chocoform, Pralimat