Sollich KG at Interpack 2020

  • Jan 27, 2020
  • Posted By Danila

Sollich KG is one of the leading manufacturers for machines and equipment for the confectionery industry. We will have an exhibition at Interpack in Hall 3, Stand F20 which will fully reflect the 100th anniversary of the company Sollich. A special focus of our research and development is directed towards our customer’s production process and needs, which Sollich achieves through high availability and improved handling of their machines. 

Sollich KG sets their highest values on efficiency and ease of cleaning machines in order to exceed the hygiene standards of our customers all while achieving high machine availabilities. Consequently, appropriate cleaning measures for the diverse machines of the whole product range will be displayed at the show. An absolute novelty is the Thermo-Flow® cooling tunnels that now have wheel-out heat exchangers. This function allows the operator an easy and thorough cleaning of the heat exchanger. The mobile belt washing unit, with integrated hygienic washing drum, guarantees a practical handling when cleaning the conveyor belt and additionally ensures that no foreign particles can get onto the products during the cleaning process.

The Turbotemper® is a machine for chocolate pre-crystallization. Sollich KG offers a complementary cleaning device for the tempering unit in order to allow an easy and quick mass changeover. The mobile cleaning device can be applied within the production site for different tempering machines with a throughput of up to 3,600 kg/h. For the segment of the Enromat® enrobing machines, Sollich KG provides efficient cleaning with the “Clean in Place System”. In addition to this, all Sollich machines are constructed to comply with increasing hygienic requirements.

Further improvements in research and development have been made in the scope of digitalization. The information exchange between machine operator and the Sollich KG have also improved. The “Fast Lane“ remote maintenance system data from the application process can be transferred to Sollich in order to optimize service features and to reduce machine downtimes. Sollich will introduce, for the first time, an approach to self-analysis of their tempering machines (artificial intelligence). In the future, the self-analysis of the machine will be combined with an automatic adjustment of the temperature values in order to reduce human working capacities and to increase the quality of the tempered chocolate at the same time.

Another solution to improve the quality of chocolate during the handling process is by using the Sollich Tempergraph®. This device allows automatic measuring of the degree of temper in the chocolate. The Tempergraph® can also be installed within the enrobing machine. In this configuration, an adequate determination of the tempering degree can be achieved, particularly directly before enrobing.

The variety of the equipment features at each machine has been increased and contributes to improved quality; this also includes the dew point display within the cooling tunnel. This instrument helps to prevent errors when cooling down products and thus ensures perfect product quality after the cooling process.

Sollich KG will present the new Miniconbar® system which is for the production of bar products. This version of the Conbar bar line adapts to the demand in the bar product industry and also offers a version for smaller production capacities. The Conbar system allows Sollich to meet customers’ individual needs. The same applies to the production of sandwich products; in this segment, Sollich will exhibit the Sollcocap® sandwich system. Furthermore, Sollich KG will present a new solution for tempering and aerating of masses with ingredients and/or flavors.

The different processing steps forming, depositing and enrobing are usually combined by intermediate cooling processes which Sollich KG supplies in a big variety under the trademark of the Thermo Flow Plus cooling tunnels. The advancement of the cooling tunnels in PU or, on request, in stainless steel execution meets the highest production demands and complies with the different hygienic requirements.

All interested parties are warmly invited to have a have a look at these novelties on the Sollich stand.

This year Sollich KG will celebrate its 100th anniversary. The company is proud of their successful history and of being a small company, while at the same time having grown to be an industry leader today. With that said, visitors are welcomed to come by to look at a few of the older machines next to the current machines to see the large advancements that Sollich KG has made in the past century.

Sollich, together with its sister company Chocotech GmbH, offers its customers the possibility to get the complete manufacturing process with one-stop shopping. This allows Sollich to offer the entire process: cooking, forming and enrobing.

Bad Salzuflen, January 08, 2020