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  • May 1, 2024
  • Posted By Danila

Theegarten-Pactec GmbH & Co. KG is an established name in the industry. Located in Dresden, Germany they are one of the world’s leading manufacturers in the packaging technology sector. Theegarten-Pactec develops high quality and intelligent packaging machines for small-sized confectionery products, bars, and other foodstuffs, such as stock cubes, as well as for non-food items, e.g. detergent tablets.

The machine program is organized in a matrix that now includes over 30 individual solutions. The three central product categories are hard sugar and preformed products, hard and soft caramels (cut & wrap) and chocolate. The classic types of packaging are offered in each category. The company also develops new designs and solutions independently or in partnership with confectionery manufacturers, for example to optimize packaging consumption for greater sustainability or to find an innovative form for presentation at the point of sale. They are known for innovation and the prompt response to customers’ wishes for premium quality.

Theegarten-Pactec provides tailored packaging machines for all product types and packaging styles, including several options for bar flow wrapping. The FPC5, detailed below, is an ideal solution for bar flow wrapping.


At up to 1500 products/min, this machine includes wide format size range including small chocolate products and large bars, and high-speed wrapping of jelly and filled hard candies through gentle product handling.

Theegarten-Pactec has developed the ideal solution for heat sealing paper-based packaging occurring in a high-performance range. Where speeds of 80 to 120 m/min are otherwise possible for conventional films in this range, an impressive speed of 90 m/min is achieved for the paper-based packaging material on the FPC5. Thanks to the solution, the machine can now produce flow wrap packaging made of barrier paper with integrated heat-sealing ability and a pure paper content of at least 95 percent.

The optimal processing of paper-based packaging is achieved by precisely preheating the longitudinal sealing and transverse sealing areas of the paper: For this purpose, the sealing area is preheated during the unwinding process. Thanks to a technically sophisticated pre-drawing section, the paper does not deform during this step. The paper is given a higher initial temperature at certain points before the chocolate bars are packaged and before heat sealing.

FPC5 & BLM from Theegarten-Pactec

Experts in packaging small confectionery

The innovations originate in the development department, which is very well staffed. Of the total of around 420 employees, 80 are involved in further and new developments. Their tasks also include adapting to specific customer requirements, i.e. equipping the individual machine with feeding, separating and collecting delivery or integrating it into a packaging line.

In addition to the constant further development of the machines, the packaging specialists attach particular importance to assisting their customers worldwide quickly and easily with questions and problems. Theegarten-Pactec’s offering includes extensive customer service across the entire machine life cycle – even for machines that are decades old. The company is not only responsible for the delivery of spare parts, maintenance, and modernization of customers’ existing systems, but also advises them through an ideally branched network and reliable local contacts.