Feeding system type AUTOLINER®, for effective feeding of an enrober

You can use your enrober to its full capacity with the Autoliner®. It offers the best possibility of feeding enrobers with solid items.  It can be used in particular with fondant items from a mogul machine such as sweets, caramel, nuts, etc. The Autoliner® is available in all standard working widths of 620, 820, 1050 and 1300 mm.

  • Autoliner

Feeding possibilities

The Autoliner® can be manually or continually supplied.  Operators ensure uniform filling of the feed hopper when manually feeding.  A distribution chute is used for continuous feeding.

The products lie in the correct position.

The shaker rack is adapted to the products, so that the products are always in the correct position and are fed to the enrober at the correct enrobing distance. We recommend further shaker racks for different products, which enable a product to be changed within a few minutes.

The new generation of the Autoliner® has an open frame design, via which cleaning and maintenance is simplified.

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