Bottomer BM6 / BT6

The SOLLICH floor soak BM 6 / BT 6 is used both for the pure floor covering and for pre-soaking with a subsequent full covering.


This bottom coating machine impresses with an even coating thickness, constant temperature control and simple operation. It is available with built-in turbo temperature control (type BT 6) and for external temperature control (type BM 6) and meets the usual high SOLLICH standards of quality, hygiene and ease of maintenance.


  • User-friendly and easy-to-clean design
  • Patented bottom soaking device with counter-rotating soaking roller
  • Uniform ground conditions thanks to an adjustable leakage shaft
  • Patented dampening device without eyelets


Cookie Turning Device

A biscuit turning device is used to turn bottom-coated products.

Hold Down Roller

A hold-down roller enables the production of even “half coats” (bottom and side coat).

Roller Bed

A roller bed enables the production of very thin floor coverings.

Technical Specifications

working width [mm] 620 to 1300
length [m] 0.95