Wrapping machine for chocolate bars and similar products in letter fold with or without banderole. The particularly gentle processing of the products enables high-speed packaging.

Product Characteristics

Folding type

  • Envelope Fold
  • Envelope Fold with Banderole


  • Moulded Chocolate Products
  • Enrobed Chocolate Products
  • Wafers

Product dimensions

Length: 25 – 150 mm

Width: 15 – 50 mm

Height: 5 – 25 mm


  • Up to 800 products/min

Technical Data


  • Connected load: 22 kVA
  • Compressed air consumption: 1,5 m³/ h; 600 kPa
  • Cooling water consumption:

0,15 m³/ h

Temperature: 10 … 15°C

Pressure: min. 200 kPa



  • Length: 5200 mm
  • Width: 1350 mm
  • Height: 2490 mm

Switch cabinet:

  • Length: 1800 mm
  • Width: 500 mm
  • Height: 2100 mm


  • Machine: 3100 kg
  • Switch cabinet: 550 kg

Wrapping material

  • Aluminium foil
  • Aluminium laminates
  • Polypropylene
  • Paper (Banderole)

Material dimensions

  • Reel diameter: up to 350 mm
  • Core diameter: 70 – 76,2 mm

Equipment & Options

Special features

  • Electronically controlled product feed
  • A continuous transport of the products is achieved by precisely synchronised conveying speeds of the feeding conveyors. This guarantees that delicate products are almost not exposed to any accumulation pressure.
  • A particularly gentle handling of the products is guaranteed by overlapping conveyor stages – no roller edges between the conveyor stages
  • Water-cooled feeding components to avoid product damages
  • Tool-less quick-change systems for feeding and folding components for quick cleaning, maintenance and format changeover
  • Most gentle product handling by active carrying of the products from the lug belt to the wrapping section
  • Spring retainer jaws within the packing head compensate product tolerances
  • Automatic splicer to change wrapping material reels without stopping the machine
  • Ejection of spliced, mal-registered and unwrapped products
  • Pneumatic core locking and reel tensioning devices
  • Servo-driven wrapping material feed rollers and wrapping material knife
  • Air support to stabilising the packaging material
  • Servo control with PLC functions
  • Central lubrication of all gear parts including oil pressure control
  • All electrical and electronic components are located in a separate switch cabinet
  • Quick-change systems for the packaging knife for quick cleaning and maintenance
  • Excellent accessibility for operation, maintenance and cleaning purposes
  • Easy operation due to the touch screen
  • Due to the automatic operation, several machines can be handled by one operator


Instead of a direct synchronization to the production line the machine can also be supplied with separate feeding systems, for instance if the bars are provided on feeding plates. A synchronization with down-stream overwrapping machines (cartoning or flow-pack) is also possible.

Optional extras

  • Photo-electric print mark registration to control the wrapping material feeding system for the positioning of the print image in always same position on each wrapped product
  • Detection system for manufacturer foil splices of the wrapping material (splice adhesive tapes) and ejection of the corresponding products
  • automatic wrapping material web tracking control to center the wrapping material feed in direction of travel
  • Additional reel holders for a second wrapping material (banderole or under strip) with automatic splicer
  • Special paper feeding device for the application of two separate wrapping materials (i. e. cellophane or PP films and aluminium/paper-coated) glued together on the machine by means of a gluing device
  • Gluing device for the application of one or two glue dots for product closure
  • Device for heat sealing of the wrapping material fold
  • 180° turning device at the discharge to orientate the products according to the request of the secondary wrapping process

Product Brochure