Cluster Former is a simple and efficient forming machine from the SOLLICH range for products such as nut clusters that can be transferred easily via a continuously running cooling belt. It permits a wide range of product combinations using a minimal amount of chocolate.

  • Clusterformer
  • Clusterformer
  • Clusterformer
  • Clusterformer

The machine permits optimum processing of almost any admixture, such as nuts, cereals, dried fruit, pieces of croquant etc. Round, oval and rectangular forms can be produced.

Outstanding characteristics of the Cluster Former

  • special feed hopper with agitating and scraping tools for filling the mould cavities in the dispensing drum
  • devices for continuous production of cluster mixtures are available
  • the nut clusters are formed with accurate weight control via a volumetric dispensing drum and are deposited in rows on the cooling belt by individual piston depositors. Output is steplessly adjustable up to a maximum rate of 40 strokes per minute
  • the machine can be cleaned easily by pulling out the dispensing drum. The dispensing drum together with the ejector system are replaced if a different form or weight of product is required.

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