Conbar® Comb Forming

Conbar ® roll formers can be equipped with a “forming comb” for direct strand formation.


With the Conbar ® strand formation , each strand is precisely dosed. The system is very flexible and is suitable for a wide variety of applications and geometries.

The formed strands of product are placed directly on a conveyor belt or on endless biscuit strips.


  • economically
  • Reliable
  • versatile
  • easy operation
  • great flexibility
  • sanitary and easy to maintain
  • product-friendly shaping


working width [mm] 400 to 1600
Output [kg/h] 300 to 2000


Roll Former WEB

The roller former type WEB with strand forming comb is designed for all low-boiled and aerated sugar masses with and without the addition of nuts, fruits, rice crispies, etc. He forms candy strands.

Roll Former WE

The roller shaper type WE with strand forming comb is used to shape confectionery strands, which are placed as an upper layer on eg pastry strands.

Cutting Systems

We have developed cutting systems especially for the requirements of modern bar systems.