Enromat® B6

The ENROMAT® B6 Basic combines an attractive price tag with the quality you have come to expect from SOLLICH. It is suitable for both compound coatings and chocolate and for medium operating speeds of up to approx. 6 m/min. All the basic components are made from stainless steel and are identical to those in the ENROMAT® M6-Custom machine. The B6 is thus the more economical alternative to the M6, and by fitting an external SOLLICH TURBOTEMPER® TE you still enjoy the benefits of our tried and tested TURBO tempering system.

Fields of Application

The machines are suitable for full, half or bottom-ating of pralines, bars, pastries etc. with chocolate.


  • hygienic design with stainless steel surfaces for maximum cleanliness and ease of cleaning
  • machine widths of 820 to 1400 mm
  • practically no restrictions on the rate at which chocolate is used due to external tempering
  • blower operating within a tolerance of only ±1% over the entire width of the machine
  • specially developed stored program control  system for maximum ease of operation
  • Bottoming: uniform bottom bath through patented bottom roller and additionally new with adjustable bottom bath length
  • Detailer: in a new sanitary design, without any straps, easily removable for cleaning and maintenance
  • Low energy demand by efficient technology using energy saving components (e.g. IE3 motors)


As well as the option to extend the enrobing line by the addition of a THERMO FLOW® cooling tunnel, a comprehensive range of extra equipment is available:

  • bottom coaters and pre-coating machines
  • sprinkling devices operating from above or polydimensionally
  • strip coating device
  • pressure curtain device
  • product hold down drum roller
  • wire belt hold down device
  • the DECORMATIC® automatic decorating system, Type DC4
  • decorating rollers
  • biscuit turn-over device
  • product depositor and removal device
  • truffle depositors
  • truffle powdering and spiking stations
  • cluster formers
  • forming and extruding systems for pralines and bars
  • chocolate tanks and pumps