Enromat® M6 Dairy

The Enromat ® M6 Dairy is designed for frequent manual cleaning at the highest level of hygiene.


The Enromat ® M6 Dairy has been minimized in terms of built-in parts so that a manual washing process can be carried out optimally. The built-in parts can be removed for the washing process without tools and washed separately on the service trolley. It can be used for chocolate in the direct feed process or with fat coating.


  • Machine can be moved out of the line
  • Components easily removable for cleaning purposes
  • Number of built-in components reduced to a minimum
  • Recirculation of the entire coating mass


Roller Coating Station

The roller coating station can be used instead of the curtain station.

Strip Coating Device

Partial coatings can be realized with the strip coating device.

Hold Down Roller

A hold-down roller enables the production of even “half coats” (bottom and side coat).

Grid Hold-Down Device

A grid hold-down device is used for full coating (e.g. waffles, sandwich products).

Cookie Turning Device

A biscuit turning device is used to turn bottom-coated products.

Roller Bed

A roller bed enables the production of very thin floor coverings.

Mass Change

In addition to a standard mass change that is easy to carry out due to the design with the lowest mass mixing, we offer the following solutions for special requirements.

Mass Change With Cleaning

All SOLLICH enrobing machines with external temperature control are optionally designed for cleaning with water.

Mass Change “Wheel-In/Wheel-Out” System (Patented)

The patented “wheel-in/wheel-out” system is the fastest mass change method and enables a mass change in just 5 minutes with one operator.

Mass Change “Tandem System”

The arrangement of two enrobing machines one behind the other for a quick mass change is advisable if lateral displacement is not possible for reasons of space.

Technical Specifications

working width [mm] 820 to 1400
length [m] 1.95 to 2.40