With Fondamat ® glazing systems, SOLLICH offers a specially developed coating system for cold and warm icing, fondant and fat icing as well as jelly coatings.


Pastries, cakes or fruit can be covered either completely or half (only from above). Powerful drying tunnels ensure the perfect end product. A special feature are our multi-color glazing machines for two or three different colors.


  • sanitary construction for maximum hygiene
  • completely made of stainless steel, suitable for wet cleaning
  • Wire mesh infeed table can be swung up for optimum accessibility


Floor Scraper Shafts

The production of very thin floor coverings is made possible by the floor scraper shafts.

Mesh Belt Washing Device

A mesh belt washing device is recommended for sugar-based products and ensures that the mesh belt is always clean during production.

Turning Device For Semi-Coated Products

A turning device is used to turn bottom-coated products.

Humidity Measurement And Steaming System

The water content of the glaze can be kept constant automatically by measuring the moisture content and steaming.

Drying Tunnel

While fat icings solidify through cooling in the Thermo-Flow ® + cooling channel, sugar icings with a high water content require a drying process after coating.

Mass Change

In addition to a standard mass change that is easy to carry out due to the design with the lowest mass mixing, we offer the following solutions for special requirements.

Mass Change With Cleaning

All SOLLICH enrobing machines with external temperature control are optionally designed for cleaning with water.

Mass Change “Wheel-In/Wheel-Out” System (Patented)

The patented “wheel-in/wheel-out” system is the fastest mass change method and enables a mass change in just 5 minutes with one operator.

Mass Change “Tandem System”

The arrangement of two enrobing machines one behind the other for a quick mass change is advisable if lateral displacement is not possible for reasons of space.

Technical Specifications

working width [mm] 420 to 1300
length [m] 1.51