Fully automated chocolate coating systems for capacities of up to 3000kg per batch.

  • IDA-C - Solid Coating Pan
  • IDA-C - Solid Coating Pan
  • IDA-C - Solid Coating Pan


A wide range of centers

  • Dried fruits, seeds, nuts…
  • Toffees, caramels, liquorish…
  • Biscuits, extruded products
  • Chewing gums and chewy candies

A wide range of coatings

  • Any type of chocolate, plain, milk, white
  • Compounds and yogurt
  • Equipment designed to work with a wide range of temperatures, fat concentrations and viscosities
  • Same equipment will allow chocolate coating and varnishing during one batch


Machine type 502CV 1002CV 2002CV 3002CV
Useful volume (liters) 650 1300 2600 3900
Batch size (kg) 250-500 500-1000 1000-2000 2000-3000
Drum diameter (mm) 1600 1600 1800 1900
Drum length (mm) 1600 2900 4200 5600
Bed depth (mm) 450 450 540 630

Drum Design

Shallow bed depth

  • Elongated drum shape for lower bed depth
  • Careful handling of fragile products
  • Better mixing
  • Better exposure to ventilation and spraying

Chocolate Spraying

Chocolate storage

  • Modular custom design
  • Double jacketed tanks with stirrer and level control
  • Use of melted chocolate, no need to temper

Chocolate dosing and spraying

  • Suitable for hard sugar coat, sugarless coat, glazing or varnishing
  • Air flow through products bed
  • Low pressure drop for better efficiency
  • Faster drying time

Chocolate spray guns

  • Hot jacket water and air spray system to give fine droplets
  • Over-wetting at end of the process for smoothing


  • Varnishing solution tanks for aqueous and alcoholic solution
  • Varnish dosing systems for controlled steps
  • Varnish spraying systems in the pan with airless spray guns
  • Varnishing of chocolate coated products will usually consist in 1 to 3 layers of aqueous varnish and layer of shellac
  • Varnishing takes place after chocolate coating in the same batch


  • To include into the chocolate coating solid ingredients like nut bits, expanded balls…
  • To cover finished products with cocoa powder, icing sugar…
  • Accurate system with powder dosing / weighing and compressed air powder transport


Machine type 502CV 1002CV 2002CV 3002CV
Airflow (m3/h) 3000 6000 12000 18000

Process Air

  • Airflow, temperature and humidity control
  • Perfect repeatability

Exhaust air

  • Negative pressure inside pan
  • Optional for dusty centers: Filter with pneumatic cleaning and dust collection

 Closed system for energy saving

  • Recirculation during chocolate coating (cool air) and fresh air intake during varnishing

Unloading System

Fast unloading system by traps allowing start of next batch very quickly

Loading System

Custom design solutions

  • According to products fragility
  • Adapted to batch size and facility layout
  • Wide range of dosing conveyors, elevators, belts
  • Automatic fast loading system

Infrared Cleaning System

  • Used to melt down chocolate from previous batch, thus building first layers of new batch
  • Less cleaning, more chocolate recovered

Development and Assistance

Industrial scale laboratory

  • Equipped with 250kg and 500kg coating machines

On-site assistance

  • Operators and maintenance staff training
  • Process development and improvement


Effective control of the coating process with different possibilities


The basic solution for quality coatings with simple machine handling

  • Automatic coating cycle according to programmed recipes
  • Semi automatic controls for loading, unloading and washing functions.


Fully automated system allowing to customize all machine parameters

  • Automatic coating cycle according to user-friendly recipe building module
  • All functions run from operator terminal including programmable sequences
  • Overview screens for installation status
  • Possibility to network with other machines and supervision system


The ultimate process, production and quality control. Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)

  • Batch data recording and displaying
  • Historical trends and fault reports
  • Recipes download to IDA coaters
  • Real-time overview of networked coaters

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