Micron® is a continuous system for the manufacture of fondant masses. The unit is designed as a two-step system. A very fine fondant is achievable which can be used with different colors and flavors for fillings. The units are designed for capacities ranging from 300 – 1500 kg/h, depending on recipe.

  • Micron

Step 1: The mass is gently tempered in a special cooling screw to the point of super saturation. The transfer temperature of the mass to the beating screw is sugar / glucose ratio related.

Step 2: The recrystallisation of the super saturated mass begins immediately upon entering the specially designed beating screw. The flight design of the beating screw provides high shear and a thorough blend of the mass. The result is a fine and smooth fondant with a defined particle size and distribution. By selection of operating parameters different crystal sizes and mass distributions are achievable. This results in a very flexible system.