The SOLLICH Miniconbar® distinguishes itself for its ease of operation and its wide flexibility of application. This suitable for almost all fat based products, soft and high boiled sugar masses, aerated fat and sugar masses, as well as mixtures of cereals, nuts and fruit bound with fat or cooked sugar.

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The Miniconbar® allows:

  • direct feed from the cooking plant or the mixer without the need for interim cooling
  • cooling and moulding in a single machine
  • gentle moulding without pressure, without changing the weight or structure of the mass
  • easy changeover between products or changes to the product mass

Miniconbar® – the strong solution for cereals

In forming slabs of cereal material, the Miniconbar® shows its real strength. Precise adjustment of the slab thickness or the associated calibration of the cereal slab ensures ethere is minimum weight variation in the end product.

You can also produce products made up of more than one layer with the addition, for instance, of a milk or yogurt cream, a caramel or fruit mass. There is also an optional facility to produce a half round profile of the bar with a profiling roller.


Bar manufacturing lines may be extended with mixers, cooling tunnels, cutting plants and chocolate refining equipment. The relevant cooking equipment is available in the range of products supplied by our sister company CHOCOTECH.

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