Minitemper® Turbo

The development of the first Minitemper® tempering machine over 30 years ago was a pioneering achievement. Well over 1,000 machines have been built since then and are in daily use for fully automated, continuous chocolate tempering. The design of this compact tempering machine has been copied on many occasions, without ever matching the reliability of the original.

  • Minitemper® Turbo
  • Minitemper® Turbo
  • Minitemper® Turbo

Further development of an original design

Our research and development efforts have resulted in another new development, the Minitemper® Turbo. This machine achieves the outstanding tempering quality of our famous Turbotemper® tempering machine and is protected by patents. It has become the most successful tempering system in the world. Stable beta crystals ensure outstanding gloss and shelf life.


  • Compact design
  • Constant tempering quality due to built-in de-crystallization stage
  • Simple operation due to integrated refrigeration unit (only one power connection required)
  • Flexible use


The Minitemper® Turbo is available in different versions for output of up to 250 kg/h:

Model Output kg/h Output  lbs/h
MT 100 80 176
MT 150 120 265
MT 200 160 352
MT 300 250 551