Mobile Chocolate Pump

Material movement without troughs

You have probably wished for your work to be simplified for a long time. Our chocolate pumps and material trucks help by replacing your old chocolate troughs with a more efficient means of transport.The important benefits: no loss of chocolate, hygienic procedure, fewer personnel costs and a significantly faster working speed. Mobile pumps and material trucks are easy to manoeuvre and transport and particularly suitable for emptying conches.

  • Mobile Chocolate Pump

Material trucks

Can be rotated by two castors even in the most narrow of spaces. All wheels are heat resistant. The discharge with quick acting closure fits on the receiving tank of the mobile pump.  The standard design is unheated.  We can equip the material truck with an electro-thermostatically controlled heating.

Mobile chocolate pump

The pump discharge can be rotated on all sides, is simple to disconnect and can, where necessary, be placed at a maximum height of 3 m or extended horizontally by means of an adapter.  We deliver the pump in the unheated version. If no heat chamber or another heating facility is available, the pump can be equipped with an electro-thermostatically controlled heating.

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