Sollich has developed the Reworktemper™ Type RWT to offer an efficient processing of rework. This innovative technology allows the handling of rework which builds up, for example, in the production process of a chocolate moulding plant, without temporary storage (“just in time”).

  • Reworktemper
  • Reworktemper
  • Reworktemper
  • Reworktemper
  • Reworktemper

The Reworktemper™ Type RWT represents a completely new developed machine combining melting and tempering process in one unit.

The incoming rework which is usually collected in plastic cases is filled manually into the machine and delivered directly by the Reworktemper™ Type RWT to the depositor, complying with the recipe specification (e.g. up to 5%).

Advantages of the Reworktemper™ Type RWT

  • Solid machine with completey integrated reprocessing of rework
  • Short process time, i.e. the machine is designed for a fast melting and tempering process
  • This new process assures an improved batch traceability of individual resources
  • Minimisation of unusable rework during the production process
  • Chocolate with dry ingredients (e.g. nuts etc.) can be processed.
  • Simple installation, as standard the filling takes place manually and no additional pump is necessary
  • Capacities 125 kg/h, 250 kg/h and 400 kg/h
  • Energy-saving execution by using drives of highest energy saving class IE3

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