Sollcoform® is a new type of rotary moulding machine with positive demoulding features. It also allows to demould difficult product mixtures from the moulding roller onto the product conveyor.

  • Sollcoform
  • Sollcoform
  • Sollcoform
  • Sollcoform

Mixtures of cereals, nuts, broken wafer or biscuit pieces, mixed with a fat or sugar binder, can be formed in small round pieces, ovals or square shapes. The same goes for traditional mixtures of fondant, marzipan or coconut paste.

Outstanding characteristics of the Sollcoform®

  • Easy cleaning
  • Simple change of of the forming drum for a product size change
  • Especially developed product feeding system ensures an equal feeding of the mould cavities resulting in uniform product shapes
  • Working widths from 600 – 1,300 mm, output based on medium product size 2,400 – 4,800 pieces per minute

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