Sprinkling System SSB

The Type SSB sprinkling system is a universal machine suitable for practically all granular sprinkling materials. The sprinkling material is distributed sparingly via a special conveyor belt in a process with steplessly variable control. All sprinkling systems are constructed entirely in stainless materials.

  • Sprinkling System
  • Sprinkling System

The Type SSG differs from the Type SSB in that it has an integral wire belt which makes it especially suitable for use with fibrous sprinkling material (e.g. coconut flakes) or sugar crystals.

If required, Type SSB and Type SSG sprinkling systems can be fitted with what are known as ‘swirl chambers’ which ensure that the sprinkling material is deposited evenly on the vertical sides of the product as well.

Outstanding characteristics

The outstanding characteristics of these systems include:

  • hygienic design with stainless steel surfaces for maximum cleanliness and ease of cleaning
  • available for machine widths from 300 to 1300 mm
  • sprinkling material is handled very sparingly

All sprinkling systems which sprinkle from above may if required also sprinkle in individual lines between specified points.

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