Sucrofilm® is a thin film cooker designed for cooking masses which contain proteins like caramel or heat sensitive masses like real fruit paste due to the very short product resident time in the cooker.

The swept surface system is designed for cooking atmospherically, under pressure and under vacuum. The inner stainless-steel rotor has a series of hygienic static PEEK scrapers slotted longitudinally around the circumference with precise gaps for product flow. The scrapers have a very long life due to the very precise balance of the rotor and their swept surface design. The cooker is designed with a direct drive and variable speed motor for greater flexibility. The Sucrofilm® is ideal for long continuous production runs with full CIP capabilities.

The unit is available with a wide range of heat exchange surfaces from 0,2 m² up 6 m² allowing for cooking capacities from 50 – 2,000 kg/h depending on recipe.