The Sucromaster® is designed for manufacturing hard candy and consists of: cooking, vacuumizing, screw extraction of mass, dynamic mixing, aerating and tempering.

  • Sucromaster
  • Sucromaster

The Sucromaster® hard candy cooking system is for:

  • Sugar and Sugar Free Masses
  • Liquid Filled Hard Candy
  • Powder Filled Hard Candy
  • Milk Hard Candy
  • Aerated Hard Candy
  • Laminated Hard Candy
  • Medicated Hand Candy (with IQ, OQ, PQ support)

The high vacuum system guarantees low inversion and minimum flavour loss due to the low temperature level of the mass.

Throughput: 500 kg / h to 4000 kg/h with up to four different ropes, each with individual color and flavor.

Functional mode

The mass is evenly spread on the tempering belt and is cooled and folded at different temperatures in various zones. The length of the tempering belt depends on the required throughput.