Thermo-Flow® + type LSK

With the Thermo-Flow®+ cooling tunnel LSK, SOLLICH offers a universally applicable air cooling tunnel with all the special features of the Thermo-Flow®+ series. The cooling tunnels are designed as a modular system and consist of sections 3 m in length. Because of their precision fit, the polyurethane hoods are airtight and do not need a seal. Energy-saving CFC-free insulation is of course a standard feature, and the equipment naturally complies with GMP guidelines.

  • Thermo-Flow ® + type LSK
  • Thermo-Flow ® + type LSK
  • Thermo-Flow ® + type LSK

The cooling principle

Contact cooling from beneath and radiation or convection cooling from above ensure optimum conditions for each product. Depending on their length, the cooling tunnels can be divided into 2, 4 or 6 zones which can be individually regulated in terms of temperature, air speed, radiation or convection cooling.

Fields of application

Because it is possible to regulate zones individually, Thermo-Flow® plus cooling tunnels are suitable both for cooling chocolate coatings and for cooling fillings, biscuits and other individual items.

SOLLICH Thermo-Flow® plus cooling tunnels are available with belt widths from 320 mm to 3000 mm (12″ to 118″) and in lengths of up to 100 m (328ft).


  • Radiation/convection cooling and bottom cooling with air
  • High efficiency due to low energy losses
  • Uniform temperature and air flow adapted to the product requirements
  • Construction without cold bridges
  • Optimum accessibility for cleaning and maintenance

Patented temperature controls

Unfortunately, if production is interrupted the result in practical terms is often a change of temperature in the cooling tunnel. If required, Type LSK cooling tunnels may be fitted with a new patented temperature control device which ensures that the temperatures at the tunnel entrance and exit always remain constant, irrespective of the volume of products passing through the tunnel.

In the commissioning phase, or if production is interrupted, temperature conditions in the cooling tunnel are automatically adjusted so that the coating always sets under optimum physical conditions. The result is consistently good gloss and a long shelf life for the coating. The formation of unstable beta crystals as a result of poor cooling practice is prevented.