Tornado® is a pressurised beater for the continuous aeration of sugar masses, chocolate and bakery products.

The heart of the machine is the aerating head consisting of the rotor and stator, which can be tempered for heating and/or cooling. Meshing shearing pins provide intensive blending of the sugar mass with the aerating gas. In addition to the main aerating head, there is also a small pre-rotor and pre-stator combination.

  • Tornado
  • Tornado

The whipping agent solution is metered into the pre-stator where a pre-foam is created. The base mass is metered into the pressurized system of the main head and a homogeneous blend is produced with the pre-foam. This results in a fine pored stable foam mass.

The stator is easily disassembled for maintenance.

Some additional advantages as follows:

  • EDM finish of stator & rotor
  • Multiple ingredient infeed ports
  • Open hygienic design designed for CIP application
  • Brooks FIC for compressed air (or other gases)
  • Integrated filters
  • Two independent jackets for stator and one separate jacket for the rotor


Type Category Throughput light foam* Throughput heavy foam**
Tornado® E1 Candy  up to 500 kg/h  up to 650 kg/h
Tornado® E2 Candy up to 750 kg/h up to 1000 kg/h
Tornado® E3 Candy up to 1000 kg/h up to 1500 kg/h
Tornado® E4 Candy up to 1500 kg/h up to 2000 kg/h

* – specific weight 0,15 kg/dm3
** – specific weight >0,30 kg/dm3