Turbotemper ® Cocoa Liquor

This version has been developed for the tempering of cocoa masses. Furthermore, other abrasive masses like wafer mousse, can be processed due to the especial wear resistant features and design of this machine.

The “first-in/first-out” principle of the Turbotemper®e guarantees a constant, defined dwell time. The patented mass and water flow is the basis for efficient heat exchange with low energy consumption. The low mass content offers advantages when changing masses.


  • Specially designed for abrasive masses
  • Constant degree of temper, even with varying chocolate infeed temperatures or throughputs
  • First-in/First-out principle
  • Homogeneous crystal distribution due to patented scrapers
  • Greater temperature control capacity and economy thanks to patented cooling discs
  • High operating comfort and extensive data management
  • Capacity: 400 to 6,000 kg/h (880 – 13,200lbs/h)