Turbotemper ® e flex

The Turbotemper ® e TE flex is a flexible variant of the Turbotemper ® e TE for an extended performance range. The tempering capacity range can be regulated between 30 and 100% of the nominal capacity.

  • Turbotemper ® e flex
  • Turbotemper ® e flex
  • Turbotemper ® e flex
The “first-in/first-out” principle of the Turbotemper® e guarantees a constant, defined dwell time. The patented mass and water flow is the basis for efficient heat exchange with low energy consumption. The low mass content offers advantages when changing masses.


  • Extended performance range
  • Constant degree of temper, even with varying chocolate infeed temperatures or throughputs
  • First-in/First-out principle
  • Homogeneous crystal distribution due to patented scrapers
  • Greater temperature control capacity and economy thanks to patented cooling discs
  • High operating comfort and extensive data management