Turbotemper ® e TE B

Since the invention of the SOLLICH Circulation Tempering Process 60 years ago, there has been no more significant breakthrough in chocolate pre-crystallization than the Turbotemper ® e (Evolution) tempering machine from Sollich. The “B” version of the Turbotemper ® e is characterized by its compact design. Integrated buffer tank, chocolate feed pump, de-crystallization stage and the 3-stage Turbotemper ® are integrated in this all-in-one machine.

  • Turbotemper ® e TE B
  • Turbotemper ® e type TE B
  • Turbotemper ® e type TE B

The Turbotemper® e TE-B tempering machine from Sollich enjoys increasing popularity. It is compact in structure and equipped with chocolate vibrating sieve, chocolate storage tank with level control, adjustable chocolate feed pump, a de-crystallization stage and the 3 stage Turbotemper®, all making for a simple installation phase. Only one chocolate feed line is necessary from the melting tank. The “B” – version can be supplied for capacities from 100 to 2,100 kg/h.

The “First-In-First-Out” principle of the Turbotemper ® e guarantees a constant, defined residence time. The patented mass and water flow is the basis for efficient heat exchange with low energy consumption. The low mass content offers advantages when changing mass.


  • Increased shelf life and exceptional gloss due to presence of a very high proportion of stable beta V crystals
  • Improved heat resistance of chocolate
  • Lower viscosity as a result of 2-3 ºC (3-5 ºF) higher operating temperatures
  • Constant degree of temper, even with varying chocolate infeed temperatures or throughputs
  • Uniform hollow good shells, reduced breakage and thinner, pinhole free chocolate coating
  • Improved contraction for easier demoulding and less mould cleaning
  • Quickest solidification during the cooling process (post recrystallisation)


  • Better temper quality through accelerated crystal formation and absolutely homogeneous crystal distribution due to the new “Mäander” double scraper (patented)
  • Accelerated cooling and pre-crystallization because there is less volume of chocolate in each of the plates and because the “first-in/first-out” route for the chocolate is guaranteed
  • Greater economy trough and increased tempering throughput made possible by the new design double channel cooling plates (patented)
  • High percentage of uniform, stable beta crystals formed in the crystallization stage, thanks to the uniformity of temperature of the cooling surfaces (patented). The temperature is automatically adjusted according to the chocolate throughput
  • More accurate chocolate temperature control by measuring the temperature in an annular gap (patented)
  • High degree of user comfort, extensive data availability such as Tempermeter curves and preventative maintenance advice possible, upon request, by means of a Touchscreen HMI
  • Hygienic design with stainless steel piping
  • Low energy demand by efficient technology using energy saving components (e.g. IE3 motors)

Small-scale versions

  • The Turbotemper® TE 100 B and TE 200 B are the “minis” among the Turbotempers for outputs from 100 to 200 kg/h.
  • The superior tempering quality makes these machines most suitable for feeding small “one shot” depositors and decorating machines or for use in laboratories.