Turbotemper ® e with flushing unit

For the tempering machine Turbotemper®e TE a special flushing device is available. With the help of this device, the tempering machine can be flushed efficiently with compatible fat with a very low consumption. The flushing medium can be reused for multiple flushing cycles.

Sollich has developed a rinsing and cleaning unit for efficient cleaning of the temperature control column. The rinsing trolley with built-in filters and rinsing pump is connected to the temperature control machine and enables effective cleaning with low rinsing mass use.


  • Available for tempering machines with a capacity of up to max. 3.600 kg/h
  • One rinsing device can be used for several tempering machines
  • The Turbotemper®e TE-B can be supplied with an integrated flushing/cleaning device
  • Capacity: 400 to 3,600 kg/h (880 – 8000lbs/h)