Turn Conveyors

The solution when changing the direction of the product flow
Higher working speeds necessitate longer production lines. The tried and tested SOLLICH transport belts can assist due to lack of available space.  These are available with radii from 30° to 180° and with belt widths up to 2000 mm.

  • Turn Conveyors
  • Turn Conveyors
  • Turn Conveyors
  • Turn Conveyors
  • Turn Conveyors
  • Turn Conveyors

SOLLICH transport belts work continuously and reliably. Product alignment is maintained to the greatest possible extent. We provide a special cooling system for the transport conveyor for transporting chocolate coated products.

Upon request, all transport bends can be supplied with a Macrolon cover or with an insulated PU Hood.

Outstanding features

  • Transport bends are available in stationary, mobile and suspended design and can run from right or left.
  • The split reversing shafts on the product transfer run on bearings and have a diameter of 16 mm.
  • The continuous plastic belts are driven on the outer edge via flexible connections from a special chain. The drive chain has a special lubricating system.
  • The maximum belt speed measured on the outer circumference is up to 75 m/min.

Special designs

For a change in direction of the product flow, SOLLICH is your competent partner.

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