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Sollich North America offers an extensive range of product lines to best service the industries covered. These industries include: chocolate, confectionery, gum, snack, bakery, pharmaceutical and pet food. The equipment loosely falls into six different categories:

  • Enrobing, Tempering and Cooling of chocolate and similar fat and sugar based products; these are supplied by Sollich and to a lesser extent by their sister company Chocotech.
  • Automatic Panning equipment is supplied by Dumoulin and covers all aspects of confectionery panning such as chocolate, hard sugar and sugar-free, soft panning for jellybeans as well pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical and seed coating.
  • Chocolate Moulding equipment is supplied by Chocotech with their innovative mouldless Frozenshell® line. Sugar and other non-chocolate moulding is covered by Sollich's Candymaster® and Shellmaster®.
  • Candy Kitchens manufactured by Chocotech are used for the preparation, cooking, aeration, beating of sugar and sugar-free candy masses. Chocotech also supply equipment for cooling and forming candies.
  • Forming Systems for all kind of bars, clusters and pralines are supplied by Sollich including slab forming, double piston and wire cut extrusion and rotary moulding. Chocotech offer a range of forming equipment for croquant, chocolate lentils centers and vermicelli.