Conbar® Brittle & Croquant

SOLLICH has developed a special Conbar® bar manufacturing line for hard-boiled sugar masses. The high processing temperatures demand different processing parameters from those required for soft-boiled sugar masses. We make a distinction between nut croquant and toffee croquant. In nut croquant, a high-boiled sugar mass acts as a binding agent for nuts or sesame.

  • Conbar® Brittle & Croquant
  • Conbar® Brittle & Croquant
  • Conbar® Brittle & Croquant

In addition to the sugar mass, toffee croquant also contains a proportion of milk and fat, and finely chopped nuts or almonds may also be added. Products of this kind are typically highly resistant to heat. Depending on the type of product, we can also supply all the cooking equipment for batch or continuous production from the CHOCOTECH Candy Division range.

Conbar® roller formers allow:

  • direct feed from the cooking plant or the mixer without the need for interim cooling
  • cooling and moulding in a single machine
  • gentle moulding without pressure, without changing the weight or structure of the mass
  • easy changeover between products or changes to the product mass

Alternative Conbar® roller formers

The following Conbar® roller formers are available for manufacturing nut croquant bars, brittle mass bars and toffee croquant bars:

  • Conbar® roller former Type WEB for forming a toffee croquant slab or for pre-forming the nut croquant slab
  • Conbar® gauge roller for calibrating the pre-formed nut croquant slab to the desired thickness and width
  • Conbar® profiling roller for profiling the calibrated slab into semi-circular or differently shaped cross-sections

Conbar® bar manufacturing lines may be extended with mixers, cooling tunnels, cutting plants and chocolate refining equipment.

The relevant cooking equipment is available in the range of products supplied by our sister company CHOCOTECH.

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