Conbar® Fruit Bars

The increasing nutritional awareness of many consumers is having an impact on the nature of confectionery and it is therefore important that fruit and cereal bars should have a high vitamin, protein, mineral and fibre content to meet modern requirements.

  • Conbar® Fruit Bars
  • Conbar® Fruit Bars
  • Conbar® Fruit Bars

Once again, SOLLICH has exactly the right equipment for the job – Conbar® lines for fruit bars, fruit strips or fruit purée. SOLLICH offers one-stop shopping for everything you need when manufacturing these products, from cooking the jelly or fruit masses to forming and cutting.

Conbar® roller formers allow:

  • direct feed from the cooking plant or the mixer without the need for interim cooling
  • cooling and moulding in a single machine
  • gentle moulding without pressure, without changing the weight or structure of the mass
  • easy changeover between products or changes to the product mass

Alternative Conbar® roller formers

The following Conbar® roller formers are available for manufacturing fruit bars, fruit strips or fruit purée:

  • Conbar® roller former Type WEB Special combined with a paper unrolling device and a special worm extruder for manufacturing fruit rolls, located in front of the infeed table
  • Conbar® roller former Type WE for forming a fruit mass between two layers of rice paper (when manufacturing fruit slices) positioned above the infeed table
  • Conbar®roller former Type WEZK like Type WE, but additonally equipped for pre-cooling the mass, for use with particularly sticky masses or higher input temperatures.

The Conbar® bar manufacturing lines may be extended with mixers, cooling tunnels, cutting plants and chocolate refining equipment.

The relevant cooking equipment is available in the range of products supplied by Sollich’s sister company CHOCOTECH.

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