Sollcoater® SC / SCT

Sollcoater® SC/SCT 520 or 620 enable Sollich to fill the gap between small enrobing machines and high output production lines.

Sollcoater® SC/SCT 520 and 620 have machine widths of 520 mm and 620 mm respectively. With both models you can opt either for integral turbo-tempering (SCT) or the SC version with an external Type TT turbo-tempering unit. The equipment can of course also be used to process compound coatings without a tempering unit.

  • Sollcoater® SCT/SC
  • Sollcoater® SCT/SC
  • Sollcoater® SCT/SC
  • Sollcoater® SCT/SC

Special features

The machines are suitable for full, half or bottom-coating of pralines, bars, pastries etc. with chocolate or a compound coating. The circulation tempering process ensures a constant, even rate of tempering of the chocolate, regardless of the quantity being used. The viscosity of the chocolate remains constant as a result and coating weights are consistent.

Outstanding characteristics of the Sollcoater® SC/SCT 520 or 620:

  • hygienic design with stainless steel surfaces for maximum cleanliness and ease of cleaning
  • integral patented TURBOTEMPER® unit with a tempering capacity of 300 kg/h at processing temperatures up to 2ºC higher than those in the conventional tempering process
  • chocolate used at a rate of up to 200 kg/h in machines with integral tempering
  • a TEM version for external tempering without sacrificing performance is also available (also for use with compound coatings)
  • specially developed microprocessor controls for maximum ease of operation
  • low energy demand by efficient technology using energy saving components (e.g. IE3 motors)

Additional equipment

As well as the option to extend the enrobing line by the addition of a THERMO FLOW® cooling tunnel, a comprehensive range of extra equipment is available:

  • bottom coaters and pre-coating machines
  • sprinkling devices operating from above or polydimensionally
  • the DECORMATIC® automatic decorating system, Type DC5
  • decorating rollers
  • biscuit turn-over device
  • product depositor and removal device
  • truffle depositors
  • truffle powdering and spiking stations
  • cluster formers
  • forming and extruding systems for pralines and bars
  • chocolate tanks and pumps

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