Sollcodrop® is the name for a moulding system for all types of chocolate, fat, sugar or dough type materials in fluid state, producing precise shapes and accurate volumes. The moulded product is deposited onto endles plastic or steel belts. Working widths from 300 to 1300 mm are suitable from average to high outputs.

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  • Sollcodrop
  • Sollcodrop

Sollcodrop® is eminently universally adjustable. The moulding drum is easily exchanged when there is a change of product or shape. The plant is suitable for small 0.1 g drops up to quite large tablets in a great number of different shapes up to 5 mm in height.

The shape and the size of the product are determined by the forming drum. From the smallest chocolate chip weighing 0.1 g to a little bar of say 50 mm in length or diameter, these can all be made with Sollcodrop®.

You can simultaneously produce several product shapes next to one another, such that you manufacture a product assortment. Changing size is simple, as the forming roller is easily exchanged.

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