Sollformat® KPS

The Sollformat® KPS is a double piston extruder of the latest design suitable for all sugar, fat and fruit based materials which can be formed in plastic state to form confectionery and sweet center bars.

  • sollich sollformat kps
  •  Sollformat® KPS
  •  Sollformat® KPS

Sollformat® KPS is available for following working widths:

  • 400
  • 600
  • 800
  • 1000 und
  • 1300 mm

Outstanding characteristics of Sollformat® KPS

  • Universal use
  • Very simple operation
  • Automatic changeover to other products
  • All settings automatically reproduceable via PC-control
  • Easy Changing from rope forming to depositing of individual products
  • Accurate centre weights due to volumetric piston metering system
  • High forming capacity – depending on material up to 50 strokes per minute, corresponding to 100 product rows/minute
  • Easy change of forming die
  • Easy cleaning thanks to sanitary design
  • Single and two colour centre forming as standard, third colour as option

Sollformat® KPS with upstream depositor

Sollformat® KPS with an upstream depositor for producing thin chocolate bottom first onto which the KPS deposits the soft praline mass. With this method of operation the traditional pre-bottomer or the pre-enrober are no longer necessary for producing a satisfactory bottom coating.

The pistons of the Sollformat® KPS provide an exact product weight over the entire working width


A new process to produce very soft product centers

Production of soft high-quality confectionery centers

To prevent the penetration of soft and/or aerated centers into the wire belt of the enrober, the chocolate drop depositor first produces a chocolate base. This base acts as a carrier for the soft center.

Rope forming

The Sollformat® KPS is ideally suited for rope forming of fat containing masses. Each nozzle is separately fed by a piston pump. This ensures an unsurpassed uniformity in size and weight. Two-colour co-extruded ropes can be produced also.

Capacity up to 3,0 m/ min rope speed


Nut depositor type ND, piston depositor type KGM and cutting machines.

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