Sollformat® SPD / DPF

Sollformat® SPF-DPF from the SOLLICH range is a high-performance extruder for praline forming using fatty masses as well as sugar masses. It is also an ideal addition to a Conbar® line.

  • sollich sollformat spf
  •  Sollformat® SPD / DPF
  •  Sollformat® SPD / DPF

Outstanding characteristics of the SOLLFORMAT® SPF-DPF

  • Praline forming using fatty and sugar masses with accurate control of form and weight across the whole width of the machine
  • the rotating product infeed rollers and the die plate can be dismantled to facilitate cleaning
  • the feed hopper, the sides of the machine and all the rotating product infeed rollers can be heated or cooled
  • adjustment for different product lines is easy due to the cantilevered, height-adjustable extruding head
  • wide performance range, precision and easy reproducibility due to modern servo drive
  • if required, individual dispensing pumps can be retrofitted. With one dispensing pump per rope, even fatty masses that are sensitive to pressure or heat can be formed gently with accurate weight control.

In addition, SOLLICH can supply the most up-to-date revolving chopping knives to cut the ropes into the required product length. Depending on the characteristics of the product, the rope can be guillotined on the conveyor belt, on a revolving anvil or on a patented anvil.

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