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Product Lines by Sollich

Sollich's comprehesive range of equipment includes a variety of machines - from forming, extruding, slitting & cutting equipment to fully automatic enrobers, cooling tunnels, chocolate tempering machines as well as depositing lines for confectionery products. Complete bar lines are custom-assembled with precision and accuracy from the equipment above to ensure continuous efficient production of virtually any bar product.

Chocolate Enrobing Lines

SOLLICH offers complete chocolate enrobing lines and chocolate enrobers for every application. From the small Minicoater™ series of enrobers with 320 or 420 mm belt width to the Enromat® M5 MAGNUM enrober with 2600 mm belt width.

Thermo-Flow Cooling Tunnels

Cooling Tunnels

The post-crystallisation of chocolate in the cooling tunnel has an importance which is often underestimated. For this reason, SOLLICH offers a range of cooling tunnels for an optimum crystal structure in the shortest possible cooling time. Efficient center cooling and the forced cooling of bakery products are specialist areas of SOLLICH, too.

Turbotemper® top Type TTB

Chocolate Tempering

Tempering machines are at the heart of a chocolate processing system. This is where the foundation for a perfect product is laid. SOLLICH offers the correct machine for every application. Optimum shine, long shelf-life, good snap and a heat-resistant product are the result.


Bar Forming

With the Conbar® range, SOLLICH offers complete systems for the continuous manufacture of bars and other confectionery.

Sollformat KPS

Praline Forming

The machines of the Sollformat® series enable the precisely weighed and dimensioned manufacture of pralines of any type. Sensitive materials are carefully processed, too. Your creativity faces no limits.


Starchless Moulding Plants

It is well-known that transparent hard-boiled sweets can be achieved only with a starchless moulding process. The Candymaster® enables you to economically manufacture confectionery, from the solid to the filled “one-shot” product. For peppermint coins and toffees, jelly and other low-boiled products, too, the Candymaster® is the ideal and neat solution. With the unique Shellmaster® technology, hollow sugar shells can be produced for the first time. This worldwide new process offers scope for product ideas which could not be implemented thus far.


Sprinkling and Decorating

Decorations are the face of your product. We offer comprehensive options, allowing you to design your product uniquely ... and irresistibly.


Biscuit, Wafer, Ginger Bread Finishing

Even the finest bakery products can be further enhanced by a sweet finish. Biscuits, wafers or gingerbread get the special touch through sugar, jam or caramel coatings and fillings. SOLLICH creates the basis for your innovative bakery product creations.


Chocolate Forming Systems

Mesh extrusion provides you with a fascinating alternative to solid chocolate. Highly interesting and aerated products can be manufactured with this unique process. Our product range also includes special systems for chocolate products and semi-finished products such as “small slabs”, “fingers”, “kibbles”, “flakes”, “drops” and “chips”.


Chocolate Pumps

More than 40 years’ experience in building chocolate pumps as well as the special properties of today’s chocolate materials have lead to designing these pump types. Chocolate with added bits (even whole nuts or almonds) can be carefully processed with the proven pawl pump. Our mobile pumps and compound trolleys are welcome, labour-saving products.


Tanks and Sieving Systems

Chocolate tanks from SOLLICH meet the most demanding requirements as regards their technical reliability and their hygiene standards. They are completely jacketed and have a robust, slow-running stirrer, a thermal start-up safeguard and a built-in heating system. The standard equipment also includes the semi-circular base which enables complete drainage. Sieving systems in different versions are also avaible in our product range.


Product Handling

With the Autoliner® at the infeed of your coating system, you utilise its full power. Dry and hard product centers (boiled sweets, fondant products, caramels etc.) or even suitable long-life bakery products which are fed to the coating machine, at the correct spacing. At the discharge, a Chocopack™ optimises the often necessary product transfer to plastic plaques. Between the production stages, our transport tables and belt turns ensure safe handling.


Mixing and Dosing

As a manufacturer of specialist machinery, SOLLICH of course knows that there must be the optimum mixer for each application. Therefore, over the years, we came up with a series of specialist developments on this subject. The volumetric plate metering devices ensure the precise feeding of the dry components.