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CHOCOTECH Equipment for jelly products

CHOCOTECH is a specialist in complete cooking systems for Jelly manufacturing. Be it a one color, one flavor jelly or multi-colored, filled and aerated products, CHOCOTECH has the correct solution. The Jellymaster® pressure dissolver and vacuum system can handle all type of jelling agent like, Gelatine,  Agar-Agar, Gum Arabic, Pectin, Modified and High Amylose Starches and Carrageenan. The addition of CFA (colour, flavor, acis) is mostly done gravimetrically using the Jellymix®, however is some cases volumetric systems are preferred.  Either way the solution can also be used for adding other additions like fruit juice, yogurt or vitamin / calcium additions.

Preparation and storage

Systems for weighing, mixing and pre-dissolving sugar crystals and puffer vessels for storing all types of materials



The automatic mixing and dosing system for colour, flavor and acid.



For continuous cooking of all jelly and marshmallow masses



Big throughput and a space-saving design