Chocolate Coating

Products can be chocolate coated and varnished in the IDACV during the same cycle. The non perforated cylinder is equipped with a ventilation plenum which is situated just above product bed so allowing rapid crystallization of the chocolate. The process air is conditioned using a cooling coil and a heating coil. the air is circulated to save energy and cost, but by adding an extractor may be released to the outside environment following an application of shellac during varnishing. Coating and the varnishing in the same pan is made possible due to the self cleaning system using infrared heat. Furthermore, this avoids chocolate loss and enables production to restart in a clean cylinder without scrapping or washing the cylinder with hot water, which is always difficult evacuate without polluting in the drains. It is also possible to add an automatic powdering device for special applications.

The IDA CV has the same criteria for bed depth, ventilation performance and automation as the IDAX. The chocolate is sprayed using special guns designed by Dumoulin equipped with heating jackets and atomizing air. The fine chocolate spray allows very small or light products to be evenly coated without creating doubles. Unloading is rapid via a trap, so reducing process time. A storage buffer located underneath the pan store finished product so allowing the immediate restart a new batch without losing time.


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