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Sollich Chocolate Tempering Machines

Tempering machines are at the heart of a chocolate processing system. This is where the foundation for a perfect product is laid. Sollich offers the correct machine for every application. Optimum shine, long shelf-life, good snap and a heat-resistant product are the result.

Minitemper® Turbo

Sollich small scale tempering machines - Minitemper Turbo - with integrated refregiration system for a tempering capacity of 175-550 lbs/h.


Turbotemper® e type TE/TED

The Turbotemper® e proves its exceptional tempering quality not only with pure cocoa butter chocolates, but also chocolates with a high percentage of milk fat cocoa butter equivalents (CBE's). Even pure cocoa butter can be successfully pre-crystallized.


Turbotemper® e type TEB

The Turbotemper® e type TEB offers tempering in a compact design. For even smaller throughputs SOLLICH will continue to supply the TE 100 B and TE 200 B.


Turbotemper® e type airo

Tempering and aerating in one machine. SOLLICH has developed the Turbotemper® Airo for superior aeration. The patented system does not beat but gently "folds" the gas uniformly into the chocolate without reducing the tempering quality.


Turbotemper® e type liquid

The Turbotemper® liquid was designed to feed hollow goods moulding plants where the process parameters dictate a chocolate with low viscosity and flow rate.


Turbotemper® e type heavy duty

The Turbotemper® heavy duty is designed to handle chocolates with high viscosity (over 10 Pas acc. to Casson at 40° C) and with higher flow rates (over 30 Pas acc. to Casson at 40° C).



This innovative technology allows the handling of rework which builds up, for example, in the production process of a chocolate moulding plant, without temporary storage.



The SOLLICH nut and nougat tempering machine has been developed for continuous direct feeding of depositing and extrusion equipment. The patented process, pioneering process and control technology and robust construction enable the equipment to handle a wide range of nougat and fatty masses.

Tempermeter E6

Additional equipment

Tanks, pumps, mixers, decrystallisers, temper meters